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Delegation of notaries from Moldova visits Lithuania


On July 14-15, guests from Moldova visited the Chamber of Notaries of Lithuania.

Colleagues were interested in the organization of the notariate and its developments in Lithuania.

Representatives of the Chamber of Notaries of Moldova and the Ministry of Justice visited the 26th and the 2nd notary offices of the city of Vilnius. Lithuanian notaries shared experience about work organization, interaction with state registers, work with the eNotaras system created by the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries, and remote notarial actions.

The President of the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries Marius Stračkaitis and the chamber's information technology experts introduced the guests to the electronic system eNotaras and the provision of remote notarial actions. Moldovan notaries were also introduced to the organization of notary archives and the role of the notary in the fight against money laundering.

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