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French notaries to prioritize professional training, customer service culture, technological progress


Seventy percent of the population in France trust notaries, and from 10 to 40 percent show confidence in other legal professions. In addition, 64 percent of respondents in France are against the simplification of legal regulation and rules.

This result of opinion poll was announced in Marseille, at the opening of the 118th Congress of French Notaries on October 13, 2022. The Congress was also  attended by the president of the Chamber of Notaries of Lithuania, Marius Stračkaitis.

Congress participants emphasized that the priorities of today's notaries in France are professional training, service culture, solidarity, strengthening of trust in notaries. It is necessary to study, to strengthen initial professional training and qualification improvement. Emerging technological solutions and artificial intelligence will save time in the notary's work.

Nearly 4 thousand participants gathered at the congress, another 2 thousand joined remotely. There are a total of 17 thousand notaries working in France. The Congress was attended by foreign guests from 31 countries: Algeria, Belgium, Chad, Gabon, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Comoros Islands, Congo, Croatia, Poland, Lithuania, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mongolia , Serbia, Senegal, Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Vietnam, etc.

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