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General Assembly of CNUE elects Klaipėda notary Marius Stračkaitis for President's Office for the term of 2024


Marius Stračkaitis and Martine Schaeffer (photo courtesy of Bundesnotarkammer)

Klaipėda notary Marius Stračkaitis, the President of the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries, elected as the President of the Council of Notariats of the European Union (CNUE) for the term of 2024.

This unanimous decision was adopted at the meeting of the General Assembly of CNUE held in Brussels on December 8.

Mr. Stračkaitis will start his duties as CNUE President on January 11, 2024, after the official handover from incumbient CNUE President, the German notary Dr.  Peter Stelmaszczyk.

Martine Schaeffer, President of the Chamber of Notaries of Luxembourg, was unanimously elected as Vice President of the organization for the term of 2024.

Lithuania will chair the CNUE for the first time after the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries joined the organization in 2004.

The priorities of the Lithuanian presidency are the following: 1) strengthening the notary profession; 2) digitization of notary services; 3) assistance to the Ukrainian notaries.

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