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Number of remote notarial actions in Lithuania increases


In the thirteen months following the legalization of remote notarial actions in Lithuania, notaries approved transactions remotely 4,806 times.

The thirteenth month - July 2022 - was the most active, with 740 remote deeds notarized.

"Slowly but surely both notary clients and notaries themselves are increasingly getting used to the possibility of performing remote notarial acts," says the president of the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries, Klaipėda notary Marius Stračkaitis.

During the record-breaking month of July, the most frequently performed notarial acts were power of attorney approval - 63 were approved, mortgage transactions and their amendments (60), real estate transfer transactions (45), mortgage transactions and their amendments (35). Notary Rita Miknevičienė of Kazlų Rūda municipality notarized the largest number of remote transactions - as many as 87.

According to M. Stračkaitis, remote transactions are not a substitute or an alternative to the usual deeds performed in the notary's office, but an additional opportunity to meet the needs of customers, especially those who have gone abroad.

However, the president of the Chamber of Notaries of Lithuania reminds, the experience of notaries shows that clients must better prepare for remote actions, the most important thing is to take care of a valid qualified electronic signature.

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